Thursday, May 2, 2013

the long awaited return?

Okay, I know it has been forever. Well over a year. But here is a promise. This summer will bring many more posts, updating on lots of new things that will be taking place in my life. But here is a short (?) recap of what has happened since last we met.

Dec 2011: My mother succumbed to her fight with emphysema. I am still not quite over it as of yet.

February 2012: My father passed from brain cancer.

May 2012: Began a two month jaunt to Europe, which, along with the above mentioned will be a series of posts for the future.

August 2012: Began my architectural thesis, entitled The Material at Hand: Constructs of Memory and Identity, regarding fashion, architecture, landscape and the body.

Dec 2012: Lost my Father-in-law, also to brain cancer.

May 2 2013: I am now complete in my Masters of Architecture. Tonight my thesis won two prestigious awards. The thesis award for outstanding work in a terminal project, and the King medal for architectural student research. At long last, I feel as though my hard work has paid off.

So now you are up to date. I promise to fill in all of the details in a couple weeks. I am returning to Europe next week and will have lots to talk about when I get back (plus pictures).

So much to fill you guys in on. My fingers are already cramping from the typing they will have to do. But it feels good to be back.


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