Friday, July 8, 2011

In case you were wondering....

In case anyone who actually reads this rambling blog wonders why there haven't been any posts as of late, the reasons are twofold. 1) Architecture school keeps me extremely busy, and I will be sharing pictures of some of my work further down. 2) Until the last couple of weeks, it has been so ungodly hot and dry here that the roses and other plants have given me the proverbial finger, not performed well, and therefore were not worth taking pictures to share. That does not mean that absolutely nothing has happened in my garden, just nothing beautiful. I have significant new growth on some of my roses, especially Autumn Damask and Variegata di Bologna. The recently ordered roses have still not been planted, I hate to plant in such heat with so little rain...the less stress the better, so they have been residing in my pot ghetto, aka, my back deck. They look so happy though. Great new growth, strong foliage growth, and even a couple of bloom bracts from Duchess de Gramont. Now that the rains have set in (finally) I will be trying to put them in their new homes.

As far as the architecture goes, my first project (of two) for the summer semester was very well received. Great critiques all around, and general happiness with the final deliverables. Here are some pics:

Initial schematic for 76 floor vertical city to be sited in Chicago.

Above are all model photos of the final model.

Photoshopped view of model in context.

So thats what I have been doing, in a nutshell.