Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Excited, and tired.

Whew. Everything is going to hurt on me tomorrow. We worked in the yard from 9 to 8 today, and the plan is to be back out in it again for the next couple of days. My re-working of the back yard is taking shape nicely (pics to come soon) and I am STILL excited about it. This is a milestone for me, so this plan must be the right one. Today the two new pergolas went up, the new fences, (this all done by DH) while I excavated and leveled the area for the gravel circle, laid in the brick edging and finally (as it was getting dark) set in gravel. It was a one day revolution for our yard, and it literally looks like a different place. Tomorrow the potager paths get finished, gravel and brick laid, and the beginnings of the new rose bed amendments go in, kitty litter, alfalfa pellets, milorganite, cow poop, and chopped pine bark, plus a dusting of epsom salts and rose-tone for good measure. Then paper, mulch, and wait for orders and shipments of roses. A few will be moved in to place around the new rose circle as well. Then the biggest challenge. The area that will eventually become even more rose beds, at the far left of the yard. This will require serious help and so I am tilling the whole thing under, and solarizing, then amending. Good Lord this is going to be a week! But I am excited to have it done by this weekend for the party (my 30th birthday) and finally my yard will look a bit more ordered, if bare for now, and I can spend more time planting and tending and less time complaining!

Now Im going to go lay on a heating pad....



  1. Enjoy your well-deserved rest! I can' wait to see pictures of roses blooming in your new beds.

  2. Congratulations on getting your plan onto the ground, and competing so much of it! After you quit hurting, you'll be able to appreciate it more.

    Happy early-Birthday! What a milestone!!! (I vaguely remember my 30th ... it was a long time ago.)

  3. How wonderful that you're starting your rose gardening 'early in life'. That means you have decades to enjoy it. I'm so glad everything is falling into place for you and glad that there are two of you to share the work. Can't wait for photos. Have a happy birthday!!