Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Blush

So I am sitting here, at the kitchen table, watching the Amaryllis glow a fiery perfect red that shouldn't be found in nature, and wondering how to start this blog. I guess it should start with a story; the tale of why my blog is so named. My partner Jason and I often have long conversations about things, usually over a Sunday morning coffee (or 6), or after finishing a great bottle of red. Lots of times we talk about history (not normally my choice of topics, but he has a degree in it and so I end up sucked into it as well) but also what we want out of life, how wants and needs change and reaffirm themselves through years. One such conversation came about a few weeks ago, and the topic of varied interests came into play. Now I have always been a "varied" kinda guy. I have changed majors 5 times in my life. One ended up in a degree (interior design) and now another is gaining me a Masters in Architecture. This conversation led then to a realization. Perhaps it is not that I am just spastic, but a would-be modern day Renaissance man. My interests all seem to be along a certain line: creation of beauty, creative thinking, and the importance of craft. These are all things one is inundated with in architecture school, and it seems to have become a mantra for living.
The next day, I sat down and made a list (I am constantly making lists) of interests, and found that while some were possibly profitable, most were things I just really have a passion for. This began the quest to actually become the Renaissance man I want to be. Therefore, this blog is going to be a spastic rollercoaster ride journalling multi-faceted interests, which I hopefully will be able to organize into groupings based on interest.( once I figure out how to do that )
Covered in this blog will be (but not limited to)

craft-the making of things by hand
design of any kind

and of course the day to day life which helps to make all of this a bit more personal.

I am trying to remember that this is an experiment, a lifestyle switch, a new leaf to turn over and ponder. Hopefully you, the reader, will find this entertaining, possibly fun, possibly educational, possibly maddening.



  1. I totally identify with just about everything you said here!! If I were to sit and make a list of my passions and interests, I could quite possibly be writing for days and days. As I sign off here, I shall push the Follow button to see where this adventure of blogging takes you. I anticipate that I will enjoy the ride!

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for becoming my first follow :) I am honored, considering that I have been drooling over your rose site (you can expect my order soon) and house pictures for quite some time!

    Ciao and thank you!

  3. Ha! I found you, Ken! It pays to follow your blog traffic. Who know what you'll find. I think you're off to an elegant start. I love your background photo, and your eclectic - though harmonious - subject matter. I'm sure I look forward to all of them. You're being followed again!

  4. Awesome, I am glad you found me Sherry. I was excited when I found the background photo as well, it sort of suits me as well as the blog. Hopefully I will live up to the anticipation! New rose pictures will probably come soon, as I am starting to get blooms. Mrs. B. R Cant is putting out 4" blooms as we speak!